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Remembering Our Ancestors

All around Central Ohio, there are memorials and cemeteries that help people remember their ancestors. In this episode, we visit a few of these historic sites to learn more about how we memorialize the generations that came before us.

In this episode we explore:
African American Burials at Greenlawn Cemetery
Columbus’ Fort Hayes High School students research African American burials at Green Lawn Cemetery and discover how genealogy and historic research come together to further educate them in becoming public historians and storytellers.

Chief Leatherlips
The Curse of Chief Leatherlips at the Memorial Tournament is rain. But who was Chief Leatherlips historically and how did this curse begin? Brent Davis investigates!

Union Cemetery Archives
Union Cemetery was established in 1806 just west of the Olentangy River in Columbus, Ohio. Historian Mary Rodgers takes a tour of the archives and highlights a few of the cemetery’s records.