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Latin American Migration

Latin Americans living in Columbus came not just from Mexico, but from diverse South and Central America cultures. The local Latin American community has bolstered the economy through entrepreneurship. Learn more about the Latin American migration to Columbus.

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From the Vault: Illustrated Directory

Brent Davis visits the Ohio History Connection to look at the historical Columbus Illustrated Directory, produced by and for Columbus’ black community to help find services in segregated areas.

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Appalachian Migration Story

Appalachian migration to Columbus is a story of strong families and hard labor. Find out how recent migrations mix with old traditions to bring a new twist to the narrative.

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The Great Migration

Learn about the history of the mass exodus of African Americans who left the South to live and work in northern cities like Columbus, motivated by opportunities for economic and political advancement.

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Columbus Migrations

On this episode of Columbus Neighborhoods, we’ll explore the migration of different cultures to Columbus, from the late 19th century through the 1970s.

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