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Notable Women of Columbus Preview

We’re celebrating 100 years of women’s suffrage with a look at remarkable Columbus women who made history. Five notable women of the present share the stories of five notable women of the past: Hannah Neil, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, Evangeline Reams, Jerrie Mock and Aminah Robinson. Watch at 8:30pm Thursday, May 2 on WOSU TV!

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Housing for Seniors

Javier Sanchez sits down with local leaders at Flowers & Bread to discuss policy and other challenges of intergenerational living.

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Intergenerational Cohabitation

Nesterly is a new home-sharing website that pairs young renters with older homeowners. Could intergenerational cohabitation be one of the solutions for the affordable housing shortage? WOSU’s Brent Davis explores the ins and outs with Nesterly founder Noelle Marcus.

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College Student Joins Senior Living Community

For this unique pilot program, a student from Ohio State University’s College of Social Work moved into an independent living facility. How do older folks take to having a young neighbor and vice versa? We explore intergenerational living and how this model program could change how independent living spaces are designed.

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Intergenerational Living

We take a look at housing issues facing aging members of the Columbus community. Discover innovative ideas for intergenerational living and more.

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