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Tag Archives: Short North

Godman Guild

Located on West Goodale Street, the Godman Guild started as the continuation of a project started by local schoolteacher Anna Keagle. The first settlement house was built in 1900 with the help of various trustees’ money and a $10,000 donation by Charles C. Godman.

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First and Last Chance Salon

At the urging of the Hoster Brewing Co, Salvatore “Papa” Presutti opened the First and Last Chance Salon at what was 519 West Goodale Avenue. The establishment was an old-fashion salon that featured music acts. The salon closed due to Prohibition in 1919.

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Half’s Acres

The site where Half’s Acres once stood, had a interesting history. It once was Columbus Auditorium which featured a roller skating rink. After the roof collapsed due to heavy snow, it featured Billy Sunday, a popular evangelist who lead the fight for Prohibition drew crowds to the location. Finally Half’s Acres featured professional wrestling matches. […]

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Goodale Park

Goodale Park was one of the first modern public parks in the United States.

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Sells House

The grand house located at 755 Dennison Avenue was built by Peter Sells, who co-owned Sells Brothers Circus. The circus was one of the largest circuses in the United States in the late 1800s and featured Annie Oakley. The circus’ winter camp was located in Columbus near where the Lennox Town Center is located on […]

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