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Tag Archives: Short North

St. John the Baptist Italian Catholic Church

Built in 1896, Saint John the Baptist Italian Catholic Church is located on Hamlet Street. It was designated as historical landmark in 2004 by the Ohio Historical Society.

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Capital City Products

Located at the corner of Perry Street and 1st Avenue, Capital City Products produced a predecessor to margarine. Their product was used in foods made by big brand names that still exist today, including Pillsbury and Campbell’s soup.

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Union Station Arcade

Designed by famed architect Daniel Burnham, the second Union Station elevated Columbus to a new height. The high style of the façade hid the tracks underground, allowing High Street to be less crowded and giving downtown the visual appeal it needed.

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Italian Village Fire Department

The Italian Village Fire Department played a big role in the tight-knit community. It was the site of many activities, and even repaired broken toys year-round.

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Jeffery Manufacturing Co.

Jeffery Manufacturing Co. was located to the east of Italian Village. Eventually one of the biggest manufacturers of coal mining equipment, it employed many people nearby.

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