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Tag Archives: Segment

Walk O’ Wonders Update

A look back at the Walk O’ Wonders, showcasing the Wonders of the World.

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Endangered Buildings List 2018 Update

Jeff Darbee talks with Becky West about the Columbus Landmarks “Ten Most Endangered Buildings” list.

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East Columbus: A Company Town

Learn how the growth and decline of the East Columbus neighborhood is connected to the Ralston Steel Car Co.’s success and failure.

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Historic Preservation In Columbus

The National Historic Preservation Act was born out of wrecking balls all across the country. In honor of its 50th anniversary we take a look back at what Columbus looked like before activists got organized and what preservation means today.

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Curious Cbus: Two Stone Cottages

Curious Cbus answers a viewer’s question about the little stone cottages on High Street in the Beechwold area.

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