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Sells Circus Diaries

The story of a Columbus circus’ trip to Australia in 1891-1892.

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Columbus Rice Bowl Restaurant

The Rice Bowl has been on the South Side of Columbus since 1962.

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Far East Restaurant & Yee Family History

Far East Restaurant was one of the first Chinese Restaurants in Columbus.

A look at one of the first Chinese restaurants in Columbus dating back to the 1800s.

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Driving with Darbee: Chillicothe’s Papermaking History

Historians Jeff Darbee and Nancy Recchie visit Chillicothe and the Mountain House, home of Dard Hunter, who was once the country’s foremost authority on the history and craft of papermaking. Photos courtesy of: Dard Hunter

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The Story Behind the Pastries at Pistacia Vera

Siblings Spencer Budros and Anne Fletcher share the nutty story behind their French-inspired bakery, Pistacia Vera in German Village.

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