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Cultural Gender Roles Present Challenges, Helpful Reminders

Cindy Gailard Columbus Neighborhoods: New Americans producer In certain ethnic populations, men and women do not mingle socially, or if they do, it is a very limited interaction. Muslims especially are modest people and while we all recognize that women wear headscarves, we pay little attention to men who dress moderately and rarely, if ever, […]

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Nervousness Over Language Barrier Quickly Faded While Making New Americans

I was nervous when I met my first Somali woman. And again when I shook hands with a Bhutanese/Nepalese refugee. The time I spent with a family from Chad was nerve wracking.

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Behind the Scenes: Bexley Time Lapse

Brent Davis Columbus Neighborhoods: Bexley producer We use time-lapse video in all of our Columbus Neighborhoods episodes, sometimes to suggest a passage of time or a chapter change. Sometimes these beautiful and striking sequences are used to inject a little energy in the story, or are incorporated to provide a visual when nothing else is available. […]

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Mainstreet In Bexley Is Memorable, Vibrant

The Bexley Library at night.

Main Street. Even late on a Friday night it’s remarkable in quite a few ways. We’ll spend more time exploring it in Columbus Neighborhoods: Bexley.

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Drexel Theatre Brings Moviegoers To Bexley

WOSU cinematographer Andrew Ina shooting in a scene Drexel Theatre’s projection booth with manager Kevin Rouch

The Art Deco-style Drexel Theatre recalls a time when going out to the movies had a touch of glamor to it.

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