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ET Paul

E.T. Paul and Sons Co. is the oldest independent tire dealerships in the U.S. The business started as blacksmith’s shop.

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Central Community House

Located along Olde Towne East’s Main Street commercial corridor, Central Community House provides programs for all ages of the neighborhoods. They offer arts, musical events, recreational sports and leadership development for kids, as well as assistance with clothing and food.

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Parsons Mansion

The Parsons Mansion

At one time the city stopped at Parson’s Farm near what we today call Parsons Avenue. The family had become a dynasty in Columbus. Doc Parsons was one of the city’s first physicians. His son George was a remarkably successful businessman.

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Highways, Suburbanization and Revitalization

New freeways physically divided many neighborhoods in Columbus, and cut them off from surrounding communities and downtown. As people moved out of the old streetcar suburbs like Olde Towne East they experienced an economic decline.

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Olde Towne East Timeline

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