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Nervousness Over Language Barrier Quickly Faded While Making New Americans

I was nervous when I met my first Somali woman. And again when I shook hands with a Bhutanese/Nepalese refugee. The time I spent with a family from Chad was nerve wracking.

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Columbus Shelters Refugees From Nepal

Kashi Adhikari, center, standing, with students and teachers

Bhutan native Kashi Adhikari fled the country due to government persecution. He is among a group that’s working to build a Hindu temple close to Columbus’ Nepalese community.

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New Americans Short Stories

From the Columbus Neighborhoods: New Americans documentary, we take a look at stories of immigrants turned community members, and their contribution to our community.

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New Americans Short Stories: Arthur Bing

After immigrating from Indonesia, Arthur Bing had to restart his medical career. He then started his own practice and taught at Ohio State as well as lead philanthropic efforts.

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New Americans Short Stories: Emmanuel Olawale

Emmanuel Olawale came to the United States from Nigeria and is now an attorney.

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