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Tag Archives: New Americans

Iraqi Couple Escapes Violence Of Baghdad In Columbus

Ahmed Al Qazzaz and Shahd Rdawi

Shahd Rdawi and her husband Ahmed Al Qazzaz both received college degrees from Iraqi universities. They fled Baghdad due to increased violence in the city.

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Columbus Neighborhoods: New Americans Full Documentary

High school lacrosse player and her teammates

A look at New Americans in Columbus both past and present.

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Population Shifts In Columbus

Over the last generation there has been a big population shift in Columbus and Central Ohio. There has been many factors, including the expansion of Honda to Marysville in the early 1980s. Check out the shift in these videos. The videos feature data from U.S. Census Bureau and Social Explorer and were prepared by the […]

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Congolese Refugee Finds Peace, Freedom In Columbus

Richard Mbuluku

Columbus resident Richard Mbuluku survived the Congolese conflict by fleeing the country.

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Cultural Gender Roles Present Challenges, Helpful Reminders

Cindy Gailard Columbus Neighborhoods: New Americans producer In certain ethnic populations, men and women do not mingle socially, or if they do, it is a very limited interaction. Muslims especially are modest people and while we all recognize that women wear headscarves, we pay little attention to men who dress moderately and rarely, if ever, […]

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