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Tag Archives: lazarus

Lazarus Rites of Passage

From first jobs to first dates to long-lasting marriages, there was more in store at Lazarus. Take a look at the rites of passage at a legendary local institution and department store.

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Retail Columbus

Travel back in time and around the world with us — without leaving Columbus. Explore the Seven Wonders of the World via the incredible Walk O’ Wonders, once a fixture at The Great Western Shopping Center on the West Side. Learn the story behind German Village bakery Pistacia Vera. Plus, we’ll look back at Lazarus […]

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From the Vault: Lazarus Finds

Brent Davis visits the Ohio History Connection, where history curator Becky Odom shows us Lazarus department store memorabilia from over the years.

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Downtown Columbus

On this episode of Columbus Neighborhoods, we take a look at the past and present development of downtown Columbus. We sat down with Amy Taylor of Columbus Downtown Development Corporation to discuss recent changes and what’s next for the neighborhood. Then we visit the LeVeque Tower to learn about the renovation of Columbus’ first skyscraper. […]

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