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College Student Joins Senior Living Community

For this unique pilot program, a student from Ohio State University’s College of Social Work moved into an independent living facility. How do older folks take to having a young neighbor and vice versa? We explore intergenerational living and how this model program could change how independent living spaces are designed.

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Capital City Products Company, 525 W 1st Ave. in 1937.

Capital City Dairy Company, manufacturers of margarine. In 1900 Capital City Products Co. was the largest manufacturer of margarine or “butterine” in the United States. 20th Century History of the Columbus Trades OH331.8809771 T971, p. 110.

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Ohio State Stove Company, 545 W 1st Ave, in 1915, operated 1910-31

Ohio State Stove Co., W.B. Thomas, president. Branch offices were located in Chicago and Los Angeles. Operated 1910-31 manufacturing gas stoves, ranges, portable baking ovens and steel kitchen cabinets. Columbus the Capital City OH977.13 C72pe, p. 79.

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West First Avenue in 1915 featuring at center foreground Central Ohio Oil Co at 547 W 1st Ave.

West First Avenue featuring at center foreground Central Ohio Oil Co at 547 W 1st Ave. It later became Sinclair Oil Co. Beyond oil tanks at 549 W 1st ave is Columbus Forge and Iron and Armstrong Johnson Manufacturing Co. Columbus the Capital City OH977.13 C72pe p.105

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Capital City Dairy Company, 525 W 1st Ave

Capital City Dairy Co., pioneer manufacturer of butter substitute.Closed: Columbus Dispatch 7/13/2000 p.D-1.To be replaced by apartments: Columbus Dispatch 12/17/2003 p.F-1. Demolition began 7/12/2004. Plant opened 1883. Became Capital City Products. Source: Laura M Kuhnert color postcard

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