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South Side Full Documentary

Once an industrial powerhouse, the South Side’s “Steel and Glass” heritage is still honored by the people who live there today. In a neighborhood created by everyone from Appalachian migrants to Hungarian immigrants, it remains a place of strength, diversity and resolve. Purchase a DVD copy of the Columbus Neighborhoods: South Side documentary.

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Downtown and Franklinton Full Documentary

WOSU’s Emmy® award-winning series focuses on Franklinton, the frontier settlement on the Scioto River that would anchor a community that became the state capital and a center for commerce, government, and education. Also in this story: Lucas Sullivant’s pioneering vision; life in the new capital city; how canals, railroads, and The National Road fueled Columbus’s […]

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King-Lincoln Full Documentary

At its height in the 1930s, hundreds of people filled the bustling streets of The King-Lincoln District. The nation’s top musicians played its many theaters and clubs. African Americans of all walks of life lived and shopped here. Its two fabled streets, Mt. Vernon Avenue and Long Street, anchored the neighborhood that became the commercial […]

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Short North Full Documentary

The story of one of the city’s most vibrant and exciting neighborhoods includes the tale of the arches, the rise—and abrupt fall—of Union Station, an incredible reunion of Civil War soldiers, the transformation of a tough, gritty neighborhood to an arts district, and the emergence of local festivals and traditions that have become part of […]

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German Village Full Documentary

One of the nation’s early and most successful urban revitalization campaigns, this charming and vital neighborhood was once home to working-class German immigrants. Now German Village’s brick streets, beautiful gardens and delightful architecture are hallmarks of one of the country’s most prestigious urban addresses.

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