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Tag Archives: Driving with Darbee

Driving with Darbee: Columbus’ Endangered Buildings

Architectural historian Jeff Darbee talks with Becky West, director of Columbus Landmarks, about Landmarks’ Ten Most Endangered Buildings list. Photos courtesy of: Columbus Landmarks, PhotOhio

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Driving with Darbee: Grant-Sawyer House

One of the first permanent structures in Grove City is the Grant-Sawyer House. Follow architectural historians Jeff Darbee and Nancy Recchie as they explore its history and how it anchored the newly platted Grove City.

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Driving with Darbee: Shawnee’s Tecumseh Theater

This old theater in Shawnee, Ohio, is in the midst of preservation efforts. Residents hope it will become a cornerstone of the community arts district. Join architectural historians Jeff Darbee and Nancy Recchie for a visit to the Tecumseh Theater. Photos courtesy of: Columbus Metropolitan Library, PhotOhio, John Winnenberg

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Driving with Darbee: Central Ohio Fire Museum

At one time, fires were a dreaded part of daily life in Downtown Columbus. Find out how firefighting has changed through the centuries and lessons we can still learn from the well-preserved artifacts at the Central Ohio Fire Museum. Photos courtesy of: Central Ohio Fire Museum, Columbus Metropolitan Library, Ohio History Connection

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Driving with Darbee: Lancaster’s Historic Rock Mill

Built in 1824, Rock Mill was one of a dozen grist mills in Fairfield County that ground flour and corn into wheat and meal. Architectural historian Jeff Darbee visits the mill to find out how restoration efforts are progressing at one of Ohio’s historic community gathering places. Photos and film courtesy of Lou Varga

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