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Downtown Columbus

On this episode of Columbus Neighborhoods, we take a look at the past and present development of downtown Columbus. We sat down with Amy Taylor of Columbus Downtown Development Corporation to discuss recent changes and what’s next for the neighborhood. Then we visit the LeVeque Tower to learn about the renovation of Columbus’ first skyscraper. […]

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Driving with Darbee: Historic Renovation on Town Street

Architectural historians Jeff Darbee and his wife, Nancie Recchie, walk us through the renovation of their historic Town Street home.

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Downtown Columbus Makeover

We explore the changes that the downtown riverfront has seen over the last century. Amy Taylor of Columbus Downtown Development Corp. fills us in.

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Downtown Columbus and Franklinton: The City Beautiful Movement

The City Beautiful Movement was a reform philosophy of North American architecture and urban planning that flourished during the 1890s and 1900s with the intent of introducing beautification and monumental grandeur in cities. Find out how downtown Columbus benefitted from this national movement.

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