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Tag Archives: Curious cbus

Curious Cbus: Smallest Home in German Village

Curious Cbus answers a viewer’s question: “What is the smallest home in German Village?”

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Curious Cbus: Did Indian Trails Become Highways In Ohio?

Wagon trail

Are old Indian trails and wagon trails the source of many of the highways in Ohio?

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Curious Cbus: Canal Feeders and Transported Goods

Curious Cbus answers a question, “When was the canal feeder to Columbus in use?”

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Curious Cbus: Gahanna’s Name Origin

Curious Cbus answers the question, “Is the city of Gahanna really named after hell?” Photos courtesy: Columbus Metropolitan Library, Franklin County Engineers

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Curious Cbus: Circleville’s Ancient History

curious cbus circleville

Curious Cbus answers a viewer’s question about Circleville’s history and how it was named.

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