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Tag Archives: Bexley

Nelson Road Water Treatment Plant

Abundant graffiti inside of abandoned water treatment plant on Nelson Road, along Alum Creek-670 bikeway; mentioned here (http://www.shortnorth.com/PedalPusher/PedalPusherDec09.html)

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Camp Bushnell General Headquarters

Adjutant General Axline and members of the Governor’s staff meet at Camp Bushnell’s General Headquarters in 1898

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Claude Meeker was appointed US Consul at Bradford, England in 1893.

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Columbus Steam Carpet Beating and Renovating Works located at 2113 E Main St in 1886

Columbus Steam Carpet Beating and Renovating Works operated from 1886 to 1890. Schuster was a partner of Frederic Martin.

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Henry Holtzman Sons Pianos, 2094 E Main St, in 1898. Operated 1893-1959.

Henry Holtzman Sons Pianos. Also made piano covers, stools, chairs, benches and cabinets. Current site of Kroger Store at 2000 E Main. Original engraving printed: Columbus Dispatch 3/7/1893 p.2 Ohio School for the Deaf Souvenir Oh 362.42 O37h p.186.

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