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Tag Archives: Bexley

Columbus Neighborhoods: Bexley Full Documentary

Groundbreaking in Bexley

Watch the Columbus Neighborhoods: Bexley full documentary online.

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Illustrator Edie Mae Herrel Draws Bexley’s History

Illustration of a Bexley church by Edie Mae Herrel

Bexley resident Edie Mae Herrel creates illustrations historic scenes from city’s past.

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Division III Football Life at Capital University

Capital University Football players lineup to run a play

A look at the NCAA Division III football life at Capital University in Bexley, Ohio.

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Advance Order Columbus Neighborhoods: Bexley DVD

Order your copy of Columbus Neighborhoods: Bexley before the TV premiere for $19.95 through our online store.

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Behind the Scenes: Bexley Time Lapse

Brent Davis Columbus Neighborhoods: Bexley producer We use time-lapse video in all of our Columbus Neighborhoods episodes, sometimes to suggest a passage of time or a chapter change. Sometimes these beautiful and striking sequences are used to inject a little energy in the story, or are incorporated to provide a visual when nothing else is available. […]

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