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Downtown Dublin

Courtesy of Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau

Courtesy of Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau

Like downtown Columbus, Dublin’s city center is undergoing a riverfront revitalization. An upcoming pedestrian bridge will link Historic Dublin and the Bridge Street District across the Scioto River, with green space on both sides. Sara Blatnik, communications manager at the Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau, says she thinks this development will extend what’s now considered Downtown beyond Historic Dublin.

New: Harvest Pizzeria, which has locations in German Village and Clintonville, opened a downtown Dublin location late last month, adding to the area’s roster of locally owned businesses. “You’re not going to find an Olive Garden; you’re not going to find a Red Lobster,” Blatnik says. “When you go into the shops, you’re probably going to be greeted by the owner.”

Coming soon: As part of the riverfront development plan, several new businesses are set to open early next year: an upscale AC Hotel by Marriott, The Avenue Steak Tavern and Cap City Fine Diner by Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, 3 Palms Pizzeria, Local Cantina, Ram Restaurant & Brewery, Pins Mechanical, Fukuryu Ramen and Mesh Fitness, plus new parking garages.

Courtesy of Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau

Courtesy of Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau

Don’t miss: Ha’penny Bridge Imports of Ireland stocks goods straight from the city’s namesake across the pond. “[The owners] do buying trips every year, and they also do some of the local Dublin products,” Blatnik says.

Once you’ve explored Downtown, keep in mind you’re just a short walk from Indian Run Falls, a nature oasis with waterfalls worth the walk.

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