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Downtown Bexley

Courtesy gobexley.com

Bexley Public Library (courtesy gobexley.com)

Courtesy gobexley.com

Courtesy gobexley.com

“Main Street has really changed quite a bit in the past six months,” Mayor Ben Kessler says of downtown Bexley. With several new attractions added to the tree-lined strip, the walkability of the area has increased, largely in response to a market demand for pedestrian-friendly cities.

New: City hall recently moved to the building formerly occupied by the Bexley Monk restaurant that closed in 2010. The move freed up space for a new Giant Eagle Market District Express location, which also houses a full-service restaurant called Table. Other new Main Street businesses include Gramercy Books, second locations of both Kittie’s Cakes and Native Cold Pressed, an Orangetheory Fitness and an urgent-care center.

Coming soon: A high-end apartment space is coming to Main Street, Kessler says, but it’s still in the planning phases. “Retail is fully occupied here in Bexley,” he says.

Don’t miss: This year, a renovation has brought new life to the historic Drexel Theatre, which shows a combination of indie, foreign and commercial films. “The classic marquee sign has been refinished; there’s new seating, a new lobby,” Kessler says. “They did a great job.”

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