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Plat Map, Worthington, Ohio, 1803

Worthington, Ohio was a planned community of the Scioto Company, a group of pioneers from Granby, CT who were among the first settlers on the Ohio frontier. This plat map was laid out ahead of the arrival of the Scioto Company in northern Franklin County in 1803. Historic downtown Worthington reflects this layout to date. This map of Worthington on fabric, scale of 20 rods to an inch features original street names. References in top right corner list A. Public Green, B. School lots, C. Church, D.D.D. Lots belonging to Joel Allen and sons. Ohio was a popular destination for people leaving the rocky soil and crowded farmland of New England. Maps and gazetteers provided information for those planning to leave for the new frontier, reassuring them that the new home had the elements of civilization. The map is drawn on paper, backed with linen. Prior to 1800 all paper was handmade from rags. Linen is a very durable fabric. It helps preserve the map and keep it flexible.

Contributor: Worthington Historical Society

Worthington Libraries and the Worthington Historical Society have partnered to build Worthington Memory, an online scrapbook of Worthington’s history. Visit us at http://www.worthingtonmemory.org. Your Items Are Needed! For more information please contact WorthingtonMemory@worthingtonlibraries.org.

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