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  • Columbus Neighborhoods: Worthington Preview

    Coming this fall, Columbus Neighborhoods ventures north to Worthington. Read More
  • Worthington Extended Preview

    Take a special sneak peek at the next segment in our Emmy award-winning documentary series, Columbus Neighborhoods: Worthington. Read More
  • Worthington Abolitionists

    From the initial settlement of Worthington, Ohio, its citizens were strong abolitionists. In 1821, a slave catcher was transporting a runaway slave, Ishiam, from Kentucky came through town. Citizens of Worthington didn't like slave masters and bounty hunters come through their town. They helped free Ishiam. Read More
  • Worthington Trailer

    A library, a church and a school. Those three institutions were created in Worthington long before any of the founding fathers from New England stepped foot in Ohio. And through pioneer hardships, economic depressions and world wars, the citizens of Worthington have held fast to the principles of fellowship and lifelong learning. It's a story of determination in the picture-postcard town. Read More
  • Going 4th: A Columbus Neighborhoods Special

    Get a behind-the-scenes look at fireworks manufactured for Downtown’s Red, White & Boom! event, Upper Arlington’s annual parade float competition and a preview of the new weekly Columbus Neighborhoods series. Read More
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