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South Side

Lesson Plans

  • Industrialization

    During the Second Industrial Revolution, the South Side of Columbus became home to several large industries. Cheap, undeveloped land was plentiful and attracted businesses like Buckeye Steel Castings and Federal Glass. Read More
  • Immigration and Cultural Diversity

    By the late 19th century, at least two dozen languages were widely spoken in South Side neighborhoods as people from Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, and other countries arrived. Read More
  • Civil Rights Era

    Following World War II, movements began to secure the same freedoms and opportunities for African Americans and other minority groups that other Americans enjoyed. While the civil rights movement was aimed primarily at overturning policies in the South, it also raised consciousness about discrimination in the North as well. Read More
  • 1950s and 1960s Boom, Migration and Industrial Decline

    The South Side experienced a population shift during the move to suburbs following World War II. To replace workers at local factories, business brought in workers from Southern States. With the new residents of the South Side brought bluegrass music. Read More
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Lessons from My Neighborhood

  • My Neighborhood: How to Tell Your Story

    Were you captivated by one or more Columbus Neighborhoods stories? Did it stir up images and memories of a place that is special to you? We invite you step into the shoes of a storyteller and producer. And we offer a surefire starter—My Neighborhood Toolkit—that will guide you from shaping your narrative to putting Read More
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