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Short North

Lesson Plans

  • Flytown and the Godman Guild

    Historical Context and Overview In the early 20th century, reform movements spread throughout the United States in response to problems created by industrialization, immigration, and urbanization. Progressivism, an urban, middle-class reform movement, supported a more active role for government in addressing public health and welfare issues. The settlement house movement Read More
  • Freeways, Suburbanization, Urban Renewal and Revitalization

    Historical Context and Overview Following World War II, millions of Americans moved from cities to new suburban developments. Developers built single family homes on land that had been open farmland. The Federal Housing Administration offered low-cost loans to home buyers, and the GI Bill made these loans cheaper for veterans. Read More
  • Railroad Service Comes to Columbus and The Rise of Union Station

    Historical Context and Overview By the 1840s, railroads were replacing canals as the primary means of long-distance transportation of people and products. Early trains could travel up to twenty miles per hour, about five times faster than canal boats. Columbus entrepreneur William Dennison chartered the Columbus and Xenia Railroad in Read More
  • The Arch City and Goodale: A “Modern Park”

    Historical Context and Overview The early growth and development of the Short North neighborhoods was stimulated by two separate developments: the creation of Goodale Park in 1851 and the GAR reunion in 1888. The idea of the modern park began with the formation of three urban parks: Lafayette Park in Read More
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Lessons from My Neighborhood

  • My Neighborhood: How to Tell Your Story

    Were you captivated by one or more Columbus Neighborhoods stories? Did it stir up images and memories of a place that is special to you? We invite you step into the shoes of a storyteller and producer. And we offer a surefire starter—My Neighborhood Toolkit—that will guide you from shaping your narrative to putting Read More
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