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German Village
  1. Early German immigrants came to Columbus because of cheap land to the south of the city limits and established a community there. Significant numbers began to arrive around 1840 and by 1865 one-third of the city’s population was German.

  1. Immigrants coming over from Germany to Columbus in the 1840s, brought military-style brass bands. In 1848, the Columbus Maennerchor was formed when a justice of the peace invited a group of 12 men over to sing tunes from the old country.

  1. When the Civil War began, the largest ethnic group to serve for the Union Army was German-born Americans. The states providing the most German-born soldiers were New York, Missouri and Ohio.

  2. Schiller Park

    25 June 2013

    Originally known as Stewart’s Grove, what would later become Schiller Park was sold to the Deshler and Thurman family with the stipulation it become a city park.

  1. Fred Schmidt concocted a recipe that called for a secret blend of spices and the best cuts of meat smoked over hickory wood.

  1. Schiller Statue

    25 June 2013

    In 1891, the Schiller Statue was dedicated in honor of German-born playright Fredrick Schiller and soon afterward the park’s name was changed to Schiller Park.

  1. Prohibition Era

    30 July 2013

    After the United States got into World War I, Congress passed a law forbidding the brewing of beer, ostensibly as a war conservation measure. All five breweries in the Brewery District shut down in 1917.

  2. World War I brought a wave of anti-German sentiment. Some of the ramifications included the closure of German School, streets in German Village were renamed and German books were burned at Broad and High streets.

  1. The Germania Club hosts the first Oktoberfest.

  1. Urban Renewal

    31 July 2013

    Frank Fetchs starts the urban renewal process in German Village. In an open meeting at Schiller Park, 183 people signed up to be charter members of the German Village Society.

  2. To promote the restoration effort in German Village, the Haus and Garden tour starts. The Haus and Garden tour showcases German Village, shows the restoration process and the highlights unique renovations.

  1. Shakespeare in the Park starts performances in Schiller Park.