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German Village
  • German Village Full Documentary

    One of the nation's early and most successful urban revitalization campaigns, this charming and vital neighborhood was once home to working-class German immigrants. Now German Village's brick streets, beautiful gardens and delightful architecture are hallmarks of one of the country's most prestigious urban addresses. Read More
  • German Village: Immigration and the National Road

    Early German immigrants to Columbus purchased cheap land to the south of the city limits and established a community there. Significant numbers began to arrive around 1840 and by 1865 one-third of the city's population was German. Read More
  • German Village: Music in the Air

    Read More
  • Churches and Schools of German Village

    The Germans built a number of churches—some Lutheran and some Catholic in the German Village neighborhoods of Columbus, Ohio. German immigrants also established and managed many schools including a kindergarten and Capital University. Read More
  • Germans in the Civil War

    When the Civil War came, the largest ethnic group to serve for the Union was German-born Americans many came from Ohio and Columbus. Their service was an opportunity to show patriotism and loyalty to their adopted county. Read More
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