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Lesson Plans

  • Diversity in Bexley

    Historical Context and Overview Is the United States best described as a melting pot or a salad bowl? The answer to this question hinges largely on how immigrant groups have assimilated into the larger American society. Historically, many of the earliest immigrant groups settled in ethnic enclaves in urban centers, Read More
  • Early Settlements and Growth

    Historical Context and Overview Mound Builders were the first inhabitants of central Ohio. This name was given to these prehistoric American Indian groups by archaeologists because of the large earthen mounds they created for burial and ceremonies. The Adenas lived throughout the southern two-thirds of Ohio from about 1000 B.C.E. Read More
  • Industrial Boom and the Founding of Bexley

    Historical Context and Overview In the decades following the Civil War, the United States was rapidly becoming an industrial nation. Although the area of present-day Bexley was rural, it was directly impacted by the industrial boom in Columbus and nationwide. The industrial boom in Columbus led to new factories to Read More
  • Small Town America

    Historical Context and Overview In the years following World War I, the United States experienced an economic boom and period of rapid social change, often referred to as the Roaring Twenties. The success of the automobile industry—led by Henry Ford’s Model T— contributed greatly to the prosperity of the era. Read More
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Lessons from My Neighborhood

  • My Neighborhood: How to Tell Your Story

    Were you captivated by one or more Columbus Neighborhoods stories? Did it stir up images and memories of a place that is special to you? We invite you step into the shoes of a storyteller and producer. And we offer a surefire starter—My Neighborhood Toolkit—that will guide you from shaping your narrative to putting Read More
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