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Suburbanization & Entertainment – EA

Create a timeline (with multiple tiers, if grade-level appropriate) on the history of different forms of transportation and the brief history of Clintonville mentioned in the segment. Note the corresponding events and cause/effect relationships.

Based upon descriptions and pictures that can be found describing Olentangy Park, draw a map depicting the many different attractions of the park.

Have students research other leisure time activities associated with the rise of the new middle class. Topics could include: Vaudeville, spectator sports, movies, the circus, popular fiction, ragtime and jazz. Research projects should include local connections to the broader national trends. Student could demonstrate their learning through a multimedia presentation.

Have students compare various maps of Clinton Township between 1872 and 1933 (see links in the Additional Resources tab). Working in groups, students can compare small sections and note how the maps show the development of Clintonville from agricultural area (with large plots owned by single families) to suburban area (with new streets and neighborhoods).