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Suburbanization & Entertainment – DQ

1. Early developers in Clintonville wanted to develop the area as a “luxury” suburb? How did they carry out this plan? How do the homes on North Broadway reflect this plan?

2. Was Clintonville more suburban or rural in the late 1800s and early 1900s? Explain.

3. How did developments in transportation impact Clintonville?

4. What was the relationship between the streetcar line and the popularity of Olentangy Park?

5. What did people do for fun in Clintonville in the early 1900s? How does this compare with what people do for fun today?

6. Olentangy Park was famous for many firsts, and many one-of-a-kind attractions. In what ways was Olentangy Park a forerunner in innovation and technology?

7. What forms of entertainment were popular at Olentangy Park? How did Olentangy Park reflect national trends in the growth of middle-class entertainment?

8. What contributed to the decreasing popularity of Olentangy Park in the 1930s?