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The Youth to Youth Program

Learn how one community-based drug-prevention and youth leadership program, Youth to Youth, is working in Columbus.

Host Javier Sanchez shares what he gained from the program:

One of the most important things I gained from my involvement with the Youth to Youth program is the opportunity to be connected to something bigger than myself. It helped me understand that my choices didn’t just affect me; they can and do affect everyone around me as well, for better or worse.

So everyday I attempt to leave everyone I come in contact with a little bit better than how I found them. Whether I’ve known them for five years or five minutes. Whether they’re my best friend in the world or someone taking my order at a restaurant.

How much of a better place would this world be if everyone had that attitude? And not just toward the people it’s easy or convenient for us to take care of. That’s important, but it’s not as impressive. One of my mentors in the Youth to Youth program taught me that the greatest difference you can make in the world is when you make a difference in the life of someone different from you. I never forgot that, and in light of what we see happening in our country, these words have never been more relevant.