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Meeting a Muslim

Columbus-born Dr. Yosef Khan discusses how to overcome cultural and religious barriers.

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Interview at Indian Oven Restaurant

Host Javier Sanchez sits down with the owner of Indian Oven, Murad Hossain, to talk about his migration to Columbus and the inspiration behind his food.

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Dublin Preview

Next time on Columbus Neighborhoods, we’ll take a look at the history and development of Dublin, Ohio. From a one-stoplight, drive-through town to the thriving, Irish-inspired community of today, learn how Dublin is shaped by the stories of its past and the development of its future.

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The Italians in Columbus

Learn the history of how the majority of Italians migrated to Columbus and how they’ve influenced our culture.

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New Americans Episode

On this episode of Columbus Neighborhoods, we’ll take a look at how new Americans and different cultures have influenced Central Ohio. Discover the history of Italian immigrants, meet the owner of an Indian restaurant, learn how to respectfully converse with and engage Muslim-Americans, meet a self-taught Latino Web reporter and explore ethnic cuisines in Columbus.

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