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Columbus Sports History

We’re exploring early baseball history in Columbus and tennis on the East Side in the 1960s. Plus, we’ll take a look at the Ohio Roller Derby and the historic Berwick Golf Course.

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Curious Cbus: Berwick Golf Course

Through our Curious Cbus project, an audience member asked, “Where exactly was Berwick Golf Course, and when did it operate?” Project editor Michael De Bonis shares the results of our investigation on the historic Columbus golf course. What do you want to know about Central Ohio? Ask us at wosu.org/curious

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From the Vault: Ohio Roller Derby

Ohio History Connection’s collection illustrates just how competitive and athletic the Ohio Roller Derby is.

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Tennis on Columbus’ East Side

In the ’50s and ’60s, Columbus’ East Side was home to an African-American community that was highly active in the tennis scene. Steven Ryuse, a coach and champion player at Ohio State, tells us about the tight-knit tennis community at Beatty Park.

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Early Baseball History

Learn how Columbus made significant contributions to America’s pastime in the early days of baseball.

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