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Curious Cbus: Why Does Linden Have Two Melrose Avenues?

Curious Cbus producer Michael De Bonis answers the question, “Why are there two different streets in the North Linden area called Melrose Ave.?” What do you want to know about Central Ohio? Ask us at wosu.org/curious

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Community Conversation: Linden, Past and Present

Join WOSU Public Media producer and former Linden resident George Levert and current resident and activist DeLena Scales as they reminisce about Linden, both past and present. From Friday Night Lights to possible gentrification to measures to deal with infant mortality, Linden has seen challenges and celebrations and is poised for change.

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St. Stephen’s Community House

In its 100-year history, St. Stephen’s Community House has helped individuals work toward self-sufficiency with assistance in education, employment, housing and childcare. Find out how a fish farm has become the latest innovative initiative in the community.

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Driving with Darbee: Green Lawn Abbey Preservation

The majestic mausoleum that houses the remains of Thurston the Magician, mayors, tycoons and the brothers who started the Swisher Sweets Cigars company has been undergoing extensive preservation efforts. See how preserving the mausoleum is, in reality, preserving a way of life. Photos courtesy of: Columbus Metropolitan Library, Fred Pfening

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Caring for the Oldest Cemeteries in Columbus

What happens to forgotten cemeteries? This story examines the forces that change a cemetery, such as growing in size, being abandoned, being built over, or being removed or moved. Learn more about Columbus’ oldest cemeteries. Photos courtesy of: Columbus Metropolitan Library, Ohio History Connection

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