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Westerville Preview

On the season finale, see how history shaped the Westerville we know today — from the Underground Railroad to the Temperance Movement. Watch at 8:30pm Thursday, May 24 on WOSU TV!

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Columbus Entrepreneurs Preview

Next time, we’ll share stories of Columbus entrepreneurs, past and present. Meet the leading photographer of Jewish culture in Columbus during the post-World War II period, the entrepreneurs behind a popular paletas business and a family that’s specialized in flowers since the mid-20th century. Watch at 8:30pm Thursday, May 17 on WOSU TV!

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Aging in Columbus Preview

Next time, we’re taking a look at aging in Columbus. From stories of local seniors to a new initiative aimed at making the city “age-friendly,” get a glimpse of growing older in Columbus. Watch at 8:30pm Thursday, May 10 on WOSU TV!

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Uncovering the History of Milo-Grogan Preview

Follow historians, students and activists as the history of a once forgotten neighborhood — Milo-Grogan — is literally uncovered by interviews with former residents and analysis of old photographs, maps and literature. Watch at 8:30pm Thursday, May 3 on WOSU TV!

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Education in Central Ohio Preview

Next time, we’ll take a look at the changing face of education in Central Ohio. From a youth program and a community center to the changes at a local public school district, see how people of all ages are learning today. Watch at 8:30pm Thursday, April 26 on WOSU TV!

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