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Tag Archives: columbus neighborhoods

Franklin Park and AmeriFlora

In this segment, residents reflect on Franklin Park and the conservatory’s importance to the East Side and how AmeriFlora ‘92 impacted the area.

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History of Buckeye Lake

Learn about the history of Buckeye Lake and how it became known as the Playground of Ohio.

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Heading East

On this episode of Columbus Neighborhoods, we take a look at the migration of people moving East in Central Ohio. We’ll tour the Franklin Park neighborhood and Franklin Park Conservatory, remember Ameriflora ’92, meet the mayor of Whitehall and learn the history of Buckeye Lake.

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Local Hangouts Preview

Next time on Columbus Neighborhoods, we’ll take a look at different local hangouts in Central Ohio, past and present. Learn the history of a beloved soda fountain, a flower competition, historic high school fraternities and sororities and more. Watch at 8:30 p.m. Thursday, July 6 on WOSU TV.

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History and Future of Columbus Public Transit

Host Javier Sanchez visits the Spaghetti Warehouse to chat about the history of railroad and streetcars in Columbus with historian Stu Nicholson. Plus, Aparna Dial talks the future of Columbus public transit.

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