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Breaking Barriers Preview

Next time, meet Columbus change-makers, past and present. Discover the story of a freed slave who became the fourth-largest landowner in the Upper Arlington area, a local drug-prevention and youth leadership program, and artifacts from a civil rights organization in Columbus. Watch at 8:30pm Thursday on WOSU TV!

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A Bhutanese Celebration

Members of one of Columbus’ fastest growing New American communities observe a religious celebration of light and life with music and dancing.

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The LGBTQ Community and Methodist Ministry

While Methodist congregations around the country have welcomed the LGBTQ community, church law prohibits the consecration of openly gay ministers. But that’s not stopping one Central Ohio woman from pursuing ministry.

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Driving with Darbee: Christ the King Church

Jeff Darbee and his wife, Nancy Recchie, a fellow architectural historian, visit Christ the King Church, which Nancie attended growing up. They explore how architecture has developed over the years with the change of liturgy in the Catholic Church.

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Mt. Olivet Baptist Church

Discover the history of the church that solidified the African-American community in downtown Columbus and was local leader in the civil rights movement, as well as Mt. Olivet Baptist Church’s role in Columbus today.

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