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Tag Archives: columbus neighborhoods

From the Vault: Elijah Pierce’s Studio

There’s a story behind every carving made by celebrated Columbus folk artist Elijah Pierce. We visit Ohio History Connection to learn the story about the barbershop that served as his art studio and salon.

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From the Vault: The History of House of Harold Fashion

Follow along on a visit to Ohio History Connection and discover photos and drawings of dresses created by H. Harold Curmode, a 20th-century Columbus designer who staged fashion shows to advertise and sell his work. Photos: Courtesy of Ohio History Connection

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Lazarus Rites of Passage

From first jobs to first dates to long-lasting marriages, there was more in store at Lazarus. Take a look at the rites of passage at a legendary local institution and department store.

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Around the World Through the Walk O’ Wonders

In the 1950s to ’60s, the Great Western Shopping Center was home to the incredible Walk O’ Wonders, featuring the Seven Wonders of the World. Don Casto, whose father and grandfather developed the site, and Steve Skilken, of Joseph Skilken & Co., share memories and more. Photos, historic footage: Courtesy of CASTO and Joseph Skilken […]

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Retail Columbus

Travel back in time and around the world with us — without leaving Columbus. Explore the Seven Wonders of the World via the incredible Walk O’ Wonders, once a fixture at The Great Western Shopping Center on the West Side. Learn the story behind German Village bakery Pistacia Vera. Plus, we’ll look back at Lazarus […]

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