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Tag Archives: Clintonville

Clintonville’s Kangaroo Crossing Sign

WOSU is in the business of reporting the news. But sometimes we make the news. Follow along with reporter Gabe Rosenberg as he tells the tale of the Clintonville Kangaroo, how his reporting inadvertently caused its disappearance and how the community rallied to save it.

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Columbus Activism Preview

Discover three unique stories of Columbus activism that demonstrate the power of people coming together – building homes, building relationships and saving kangaroos. Watch at 8:30pm Thursday, Dec. 13 on WOSU TV!

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Village in the ‘Ville: Aging in Place

Village in the ‘Ville, an innovative grassroots organization in Clintonville connects elderly residents with neighbors who help with chores, household tasks, transportation and more.

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Columbus Rose Show

Learn the history of how each June amateur rose growers throughout Ohio bring their flowers in peak bloom to the Columbus Rose Show to be judged and inspected for signs of excellence.

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Beechwold/Wittich’s Soda Fountain

A beloved Clintonville soda fountain finds a new home in Circleville. Fred Wittich shares his family’s history and tells us how he came to own the soda fountain.

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