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Local Music Sets the Tone

Clintonville children visit Bill Moose at his cabin located near today's Morse Road and Indianola Avenue.

Clintonville children visit Bill Moose at his cabin located near today’s Morse Road and Indianola Avenue.

Mary Rathke
Columbus Neighborhoods: Clitonville producer

Local music is a big part of my life and I do my best to incorporate the work of local musicians into my documentaries.  The Short North and University District were full of local talent.  Grace Adele, Miller-Kelton, The Fifth Order (a band from the 1960’s), County Line Junction, Artie Kegler, The Vague, Jakob Freely, Jared Mahone, Team Smile and Nod, RJ Cowdery and the Phantods are but a selected few of the work you might enjoy.

As I researched music for Clintonville I was running low on music. You would be amazed how many tracks we use for each documentary – anywhere 50 to 75 songs!

Lucky for me I schedule my pre-production meetings at public places.   There I was, discussing my need for music with Kara Sherman of the band Team Smile and Nod over at Crimson Cup, and lo and behold violinist Christian Howes overheard my conversation.  He offered to submit music to the show on the spot!

Listen to his work when the story about David Beers comes on the screen.  Here’s his website to find out more at christianhowes.com.

Now there are times in a documentary where I’ll need something specific.  You’ll see a story about Native American Bill Moose and then later, a story of King Tut’s Tomb – both are connected to Clintonville!  Both were unusual so guitarist Neil Jacobs came to my aid.  His music gives me the respectful tone I need to tell the story of the last of the Wyandots, and he also sets the mood for the section about the Mummy’s Curse.  Now, that’s a versatile musician!  Check out his music at neiljacobs.com.

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