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Producer’s Blog

Columbus Neighborhoods producers share some insight into the making of the documentaries.

  • The Emancipation Papers

    One document provided by Worthington Historical Society literally made producer Cindy Gaillard's hands shake. It was the original emancipation papers of a young woman named Harriett. It documented that her freedom came December 6, 1858. Read More
  • The First Steam Engine

    Lucy Kilbourn, wife of Worthington founder James Kilbourn, decided that on the journey to her new home in Worthington, she would strap down in her wagon a working model of the first steam engine. Her father was John Fitch, the inventor of the steam engine so she decided to make room for it. Read More
  • Multi-Tasking and Choplets

    The minute I start working on a documentary, I know that my multi-tasking skills had better be in shape. I have found nothing more demanding (and rewarding) than trying to sift through centuries of history and all of its ephemera, and keep it all straight in my head. Read More
  • Clintonville the Farming Community

    Clintonville was, above all, a farming community. And the more I researched, the more intrigued I became. Read More
  • Local Creatives Power Columbus Neighborhoods Series

    I am continually amazed at the creative talent we have in Columbus. You’ll see that in the Clintonville documentary. Read More
  • Getting Re-enactments Right

    When you shoot re-enactments, there are a million things going on at once. Read More
  • Local Music Sets the Tone

    Local music is a big part of my life and I do my best to incorporate the work of local musicians into my documentaries. Read More
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