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Grandview Heights

Lesson Plans

  • Tri Village Diversity, Assimilation and Discrimination

    Despite opportunities for employment, minority groups were often subject to discrimination in the Tri-Village area. The boundaries of Grandview were deliberately drawn to exclude Italian neighborhoods, and sometimes physical fences kept them out of white communities. Read More
  • Tri Village Entrepreneurs

    The Tri-Village area—Marble Cliff, Grandview, and Upper Arlington—owes its development to successful entrepreneurs in the early 20th century. Read More
  • Tri Village Military Mobilization

    Tri-Village first experienced the impact of military mobilization in 1916, as the fledgling area of Upper Arlington was taken over by the Ohio National Guard. This mobilization effort was part President Wilson’s Punitive Expedition, a response to Francisco “Pancho” Villa’s raid of New Mexico. Read More
  • Tri Village Planning and Suburban Growth

    In the Tri-Village area, Marble Cliff incorporated as a hamlet in 1901, to avoid absorption into the city of Columbus. Marble Cliff and Grandview later separated, as some Marble Cliff residents saw the development of other parts of the area as bringing in more of the “commoners.” Read More
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Lessons from My Neighborhood

  • My Neighborhood: How to Tell Your Story

    Were you captivated by one or more Columbus Neighborhoods stories? Did it stir up images and memories of a place that is special to you? We invite you step into the shoes of a storyteller and producer. And we offer a surefire starter—My Neighborhood Toolkit—that will guide you from shaping your narrative to putting Read More
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