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  • Columbus Neighborhoods: Worthington Extended Preview

    Take a special sneak peek at some of the stories that will be featured in our new documentary which premieres at 8pm on Sunday, October 5 only on WOSU TV. Read More
  • Columbus Neighborhoods Double Feature

    Watch back-to-back episodes of Columbus Neighborhoods with Olde Towne East and South Side starting at 7pm Sunday on WOSU TV. Read More
  • Producer's Blog

    Columbus Neighborhoods: Worthington producer Cindy Gaillard blogs about some of the stories she has discovered while making the latest documentary. . Read More
  • Tell Your Story: My Neighborhood Toolkit

    Telling your story could be as simple as a collection of photos with explanatory text or recorded interviews with key people about significant aspects of the community. Read More
  • Instagram Your Neighborhood

    Share your neighborhood with the world! Simply take a photo and tag it with the hashtag #cbusneighbors on Instagram and see the Columbus community. From German Village to the University District, there are gems in every neighborhood waiting to be shared. Read More
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About Columbus Neighborhoods

WOSU Public Media’s Columbus Neighborhoods started as a documentary series to celebrate the city’s bicentennial in 2012 and has grown into an extensive community outreach project with storytelling sessions, public forums, lesson plans, news reports on 89.7 NPR News, and premiere events. This site is your resource to help us continue creating community, one story at a time.

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Learn more about your neighborhood’s history and discover the treasures, stories and landmarks found throughout Columbus.
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Columbus Neighborhoods wants you to submit your stories, photos and videos. We are looking for your personal, historical or interesting memories from the past. We also want current information to show how Columbus and its many diverse neighborhoods continue to grow and evolve. There are three kinds of content you can submit to this site. You are welcome to submit photographs with captions and descriptions, video clips or stories.
If you would like to share an item click the "share" button below and follow the instructions to submit your stories, photos or videos.

When you submit your stories, photos or videos to Columbus Neighborhoods they won't appear immediately. Your submitted stories stay in a pending state until one of our reviewers can look them over and approve them.